A Saved Account

“A good customer recently phoned and threatened to stop doing business with us because he understood that we had promised a delivery date and he lost money when the delivery was late by several days. A review of the actual telephone call proved that the customer’s purchasing department had forgotten to order the product on time. Our employee was vindicated and the account was saved when we e-mailed the logged recording for our customer’s review. This, of course, could have gone the other way with our employee being at fault – but at least we would have been able to ascertain the truth and been able to deal with the problem accordingly in an attempt to save the account. Now, more than ever, we appreciate our VOIJAVU™. Thank you, VoiceLogger SA!”

Saved Account

I have been using the VoiceLogger SA unit for over year now and find it very stable and reliable. We are effectively using the system with 24 extensions. The sound quality of the recordings is excellent.The owner of the company is very approachable and knowledgeable.
I am looking forwards to the advent of the new software which will make the program even better!!

Dr Jonathan Joffe
Olympia Eye & Laser Centre

Olympia Eye & Laser Centre

Here is the testimonial for the Voijavu Logging system. I have kept it short and to the point. I hope it helps. “This system is a revelation. It has been in operational use at our Call Centre for 8 months and we still have a 100% logging rate – taking into account that our call volume (in- and outbound) is between 6500 and 9000 calls per day, this is a very important point to use. From a call retrieval point of view, the task is made easy and efficient. Our Quality control department has much more time to actually assess calls and is not bogged down by irrelevant delays that plague other logging systems regarding retrievals.  The system also offers a clean, crisp and ‘easy-to-learn” interface for any user. Finally, the after sales service and support is professional and any query or problem is dealt with in a great sense of urgency and solved effectively.
In a nutshell, Voijavu has saved us money and upped our productivity.”

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