About Voice Logger SA

Company Background and Origins
Microvision Computers CC began trading in 1997. Searching for products to improve and optimise business infrastructure and believing that voice logging held enormous potential for South Africa’s dynamic financial, insurance, legal and training arenas, Microvision soon began selling voice logging equipment. And the success of this range led to the registration of VoiceLogger SA Pty (Ltd) in 2003.

Memberships, Approval and Intellectual Property
VOIJAVU®, VoiceLogger’s flagship product, is Proudly South African. In addition, it enjoys the support, endorsement and approval of Telkom, SABS and ICASA. Finally, VoiceLogger holds the intellectual property rights for three of the five products across the national spectrum of voice logging equipment:

  • VOIJAVU® VoiceVault Single Line

Installations, Contracts and Clients
Our clients range from small businesses to blue-chip corporations, international banks, financial services, insurance, call centres and more. Because our customers are so highly valued, we offer a friendly but professional approach with after-sales service support, installation and training. Recently, VoiceLogger SA is proud to have obtained contracts for:

  • Mercantile Lisbon Bank (Head Office, Sandton)
  • Sharp Electronics
  • Stratcorp Limited Investment Holdings
  • Quicksure Insurance
  • North West Region Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

A variety of additional installations is being carried out every day.