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What kinds of companies record their telephone calls?

All kinds of companies should use voice logging. It is ideal for general business use, a must in call centres and crucial within financial, healthcare or legal organisations.

Typical users of voice logging are to be found in industries including:

  • Finance: banks, building societies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals/Utilities: oil companies, electricity/gas suppliers, etc.
  • Training: telephone training, call centres, etc.
  • Legal: Legal, Judicial or Advisory Bodies: police, lawyers, etc.
  • Travel and Tourism: airlines, estate agents, tourist organisations, etc.
  • Automotive: vehicle breakdown services, couriers, etc.
  • Education: universities, etc.
  • Media: television, radio, newspapers, etc.
  • Healthcare: hospitals, medical schemes, emergency services, etc.
  • Telecommunications/IT: mobile operators, help desks, service providers, etc.
  • Retail: electrical/online stores, mail order, etc.

Why record your telephone calls in the first place?

More and more companies and individuals are recognising the benefits of recording calls. It provides an accurate record of what was said by whom and when; avoids the need for repetition or speaking slowly; creates voice files to attach to client records; and provides a perfect aid for training, dispute resolution and compliance requirements. In short, call recording puts the individual and the company in control of their most prolific communication medium – the telephone.

More specifically, by recording calls:

  • You can resolve ordering queries and eliminate the discrepancies that often arise from verbal orders.
  • You can increase overall productivity. The system records internal calls and outbound calls, thus reducing time spent on the telephone.
  • You can reduce phone costs. A significant volume of unnecessary calls is eliminated once staff members know that their calls are being recorded.
  • You can enhance the quality of service delivery, both in telephone communication with clients and across the board.
  • You can settle ‘he said, she said’ disputes at the level of origination and eliminate the need to involve management, which wastes valuable resources and precious time.
  • You can use recordings to assist in court proceedings, by providing solid evidence of the spoken word.

What exactly is VOIJAVU®?

VOIJAVU® is an affordable and effective voice logging and recording system, which automatically logs all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Once calls are recorded onto your hard drive and stored in a secure database, VOIJAVU® converts the files into user-friendly audio format, for easy playback on any computer.

What does VOIJAVU® offer?

Each call is date- and time-stamped for instant access and VOIJAVU® allows you to search for a specific call using a variety of criteria: caller, number called, duration, date or time. What’s more, you can conduct a ‘call search, retrieval and playback’ while recordings are in progress.

Is VOIJAVU® easy to install?

Yes. The VOIJAVU® voice logging system can be effectively integrated into any existing computer, provided that the system meets the minimum specifications. In addition, the modular architecture of the system allows it to grow with your company, four lines at a time. So there’s no need to pay high minimum costs.

How does VOIJAVU® aid in training?

VOIJAVU® enables managers, supervisors and employees to listen to archived calls. In this way, they can evaluate performance, ensure accurate information and achieve greater levels of customer service among new and existing staff members.

What else can VOIJAVU® do?

VOIJAVU® allows you to use PABX data to monitor what’s happening with your phone system. And telephone monitoring controls call costs by identifying expensive calls, long calls, the people who make them and the people who receive them.