High Quality Desktop Audio Conferencing Phones

  • Analogue, VoIP, GSM or internet conference phones
  • High-quality audio conference calls
  • Special handset design enable private meeting in con-call
  • Internet conference i.e. Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
  • Conference phones range from 4 – 25 participants
  • 3 built-in microphones with 360° audio collectors
  • 2 Flexible extension microphones for extra coverage
  • Audio out port for voice recording equipment
  • Large loudspeaker for clear audio playback
  • Echo and noise cancellation algorithms
  • Support USB and audio ports to PC
  • Host can terminate participants
  • LCD display incoming calls
  • Superb Full-duplex audio
  • Speaker volume up to 89db

Required Voice Logger Products

Highly Advanced Multi-Access Teleconference Systems

  • Multi party and or multi branch teleconference
  • High quality signal audio recognition technology provides the full-duplex solution
  • High quality DSP and echo cancellation with no clipping and no noise
  • Build conference with dial out and dial in of participants
  • System scalable with microphone or telephone connectivity
  • Dial in participants require login password
  • Host can terminate participants
  • Connectivity possibilities: Voice recorder, Microphone synthesizer, powered loudspeaker, sound mixer,

Record 1 - 16 Microphones


Record 16 - 64 Microphones


Record 64+ Microphones