The VOIJAVU® LITE is a PC-based telephone voice recording system, ideal for the small- to medium-sized business and for companies wishing to use voice logging in certain departments or on specific extensions.

Cost-effective and easy to use, the VOIJAVU® Lite offers all of the features and functions you’d expect from a more expensive product. For a start, you can have 1-16 telephone lines recording simltaneuosly per computer and the modular architecture of the system allows it to grow with your company, two lines at a time.

Voijavu Lite is an analogue VoiceLogger and is suitable to record analogue Trunks/Telco lines, analogue extensions, two way radios and boardrooms up to 16 ports.


Impressive Product Features

  • Utilises genuinely user-friendly software with multi-user client setup.
  • Automatically records all calls (incoming and outgoing) without user activation.
  • Enables you to access and playback calls from the comfort of your desk or remotely
  • Listen in to live calls
  • Allows the easy e-mailing of calls or batches of calls to clients in a standard .wav file
  • Store over 10,000 hours of recordings, using as little as a 250GB hard drive
  • Creates printable reports and allows the easy export of call logs to Excel
  • Offers simultaneous recording from 2 lines to 16ports per site
  • Can expand the number of lines recorded, 2 ports at a time
  • Can expand the number of lines recorded, 4 ports at a time

Search Function

  • Searchable by date and time: “All calls from 8am-11am for 7 January 07”
  • Searchable, when integrated, by extension number(only when recording extension side), agent name or both: “Paul X2”
  • Provides a unique identity for each and every call
  • Provides info on numbers dialled, caller line identification(only when connected to trunk lines) and call duration
  • Further search functions on Pop-ups

Safe and Secure Data Handling

  • Enables automatic encryption of calls into a server-based centralised database
  • Offers fast access to stored data within a secure database
  • Relies on username and password access control across client and server software
  • Relies on auto log-out across client and server software
  • Requires password protection on individual accounts
  • Allows for any combination of user rights and levels, from agent to CEO
  • Provides comprehensive e-mail notification of user actions and system performance
  • Provides fault notification via visual, audio SMS and e-mail channels
  • Uses a single hard driveand DVD drive for back-up
  • Conducts auto-archiving when hard drive reaches capacity

Efficient Auto-administration

  • Uses automatic e-mail notification to inform Administrators of:
    • Faulty unit, extension or line
    • Client log-in from a remote PC
    • Idle telephone time
    • Possible database tampering/hacking
    • Active status: “on hook” / “off hook”

Pop-ups and Powerful Extras

  • Uses on-screen pop-ups to supply additional search capabilities
  • 4 custom text fields, 4 custom selection fields and 4 tick boxes
  • Unique reference number / call identity number
  • Comments or call tags arranged into searchable categories
  • These pop-ups and extras can be integrated into client own software at an additional cost.
  • Quality management/rating agents
  • Customised reports

Extremely Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with all Microsoft operating systems 32/64Bit Compatible with analogue/digital/VoIP PABX’s and Premicell units (cell routers) Compatible with all two-way radios and boardroom/control room ‘voices’


170 x 130 x 20mm3


≈ 200g


Operating temperature: 0℃—55℃
Storage temperature: -20℃—85℃
Humidity: 8%—80%, non-condensing

Input/output Interface

Headset jack: One φ3.5 stereo jack
Microphone jack: One φ3.5 stereo jack
Telephone line jack: Four 4-pin RJ11 connectors
Handset jack: One 4-pin RJ11 connector
USB jack: One USB1.1 standard interface

Audio Specifications

CODEC: CCIIT A/μ-Law 64kbps, IMA ADPCM 32kbp
Audio output power: ≥50mW Distortion: ≤3%
Frequency response:300-3400Hz(±3dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥38dB Echo suppression: ≥40dB

Maximum System Capacity

Up to 8 USB recording boxes concurrently per system; up to 4 channels per box

Audio Encoding & Decoding

16Bit PCM 128kbps

8Bit PCM 64kbps

A-Law 64kbps

µ-Law 64kbps
VO 32kbps
ADPCM 32kbps
GSM 13.6kbps
MP3 8kbps


Input impedance: ≥1MΩ/500V DC;
≥10kΩ/1000V AC

Insulation resistance for PC isolation from telephone line: ≥2MΩ/500V DC

Telephone line impedance: Compliant with the national standard impedance for three-component network

Power Requirements

+5V DC: ≤400mA Power: ≤2.1W


Lightning resistance: Level 4

Safety certificates: FCC;CE

Voijavu Software Screenshot